Suddenlink Communications has deployed Toa Technology’s mobile workforce management system to consolidate its field technical operations and customer appointment management into a central standardized system.

Suddenlink managers can monitor all field activities down to the level of the individual technician and each customer appointment under a unified, real-time view of daily operations.

“The customer predicament is waiting at home for delivery,” said Toa CEO Yuval Brisker. “I recently spent half a day waiting for Time Warner Cable – not a customer of ours, by the way – not knowing when they were going to show up in a four-hour window.”

Toa’s cloud-based system addresses the problem, Brisker said, by taking the performance data of every field technician (anonymized), analyzing it, using it to make schedules that are more predictive – which is to say more accurate – and then using that data to give customers significantly better estimates of when an installer or technician is going to show up.

Toa’s system provides Suddenlink’s field technicians with schedules and routes in real-time to help ensure on-time arrivals. Later this year, Suddenlink will test other features of the system, including automated proactive customer communications regarding appointments.

“We have a dedicated and talented group of technicians who work hard every day to provide our customers with great service,” said Tom McMillin, Suddenlink’s chief operating officer. “Toa complements their skills and makes it easier for them to consistently achieve their customer-service goals.”

In addition to Suddenlink, Toa claims as customers Cox Communications, Bright House Networks, Cablevision, Videotron, GCI and others.

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