Sonus Networks said it now has available a session border switch for its session border control (SBC) system on its new IP connection platform.

Sonus’ ConnexIP product was designed to be a platform for connecting, managing and securing IP session-based communications, powered by network processors, multi-core computing devices, solid-state storage and high-density media processing cards, along with Sonus’ middleware and protocol stacks. The company’s new NBS-5200 Network Border Switch is the first product on that platform.

The NBS-5200 integrates transcoding and media interworking with native support for IPv6 and IPSec encryption. It combines full SBC functionality, including media interworking, advanced routing and policy engine, and multi-access security gateway functionality, Sonus said.

The original notion from the cable industry was to keep the constituent elements of an SBC platform separated, so that cable operators could assemble and integrate best-of-breed products. That approach apparently did not work out as well as hoped, so various vendors have been developing integrated systems.

Sonus Networks initially specialized in VoIP products. The company’s president and CEO Rich Nottenburg said the company expects to use the new platform to leverage its VoIP expertise “into new growth areas of border control, mobility and packet policy.”

“First-generation SBC products on the market have forced inevitable trade-offs between features and performance upon customers,” commented Guru Pai, chief operating officer at Sonus Networks. “By combining related functions that are often deployed as two or three separate products today into a single, scalable and easy-to-manage network element, we’ve defined the next frontier in session border control and created opportunities for significant operational savings for our customers.”

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