RGB Networks is demonstrating how cable operators can deliver their programming to PCs and mobile devices as easily as they already do to TVs by using RGB’s Video Multiprocessing Gateway (VMG).

“Delivering programming seamlessly to TVs, PCs and mobile devices is becoming a key goal for cable operators worldwide, but deploying a true ‘three-screens’ solution that can reliably scale to support millions of users within today’s budgets has been elusive,” said Nabil Kanaan, senior director of product marketing for RGB. “We’ve developed our VMG solution with the scalability, performance and reliability to specifically address all of the major requirements – and hurdles – to deploying a three-screen service that generates revenue, rather than eats up budgets.”

RGB VMG Chassis

RGB said that one of the keys to delivering programming to TVs, PCs and mobile devices is the real-time transcoding of programs in MPEG-2 into the more bandwidth-efficient MPEG-4/H.264 format. The VMG incorporates transcoding and transrating capabilities, and RGB will demo several of these, including:

  • Transcoding MPEG-2 programs into H.264 and displaying them in appropriate formats on a PC, iPhone and iPad
  • Transcoding an HD MPEG-2 program that consumes 15 Mbps into lower bit rate H.264 streams
  • Transrating an H.264 HD program running at 7 Mbps so that it only uses 4 Mbps without any loss of picture quality
  • Transcoding an H.264 HD program into an SD program in MPEG-2

The VMG supports the move from MPEG-2 to H.264 through its flexible transcode and re-code mode support and by supporting any operation between H.264 and MPEG-2 – at various screen resolutions, ranging from HD 1920 x 1080 all the way down to handheld device resolutions.

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