RCN Metro announced today that it was offering its Ethernet services to local, national and international service providers through recent interconnect agreements with Ethernet exchange carriers in New York City and Chicago.

RCN Metro’s Ethernet services come with bandwidth options of 1 Mbps up to 10 Gbps, and it said it will announce additional regions of service throughout the year.

RCN Metro, a division of RCN Corp., has teamed with Ethernet exchange carriers including Cenx, Equinix and Neutral Tandem to simplify the delivery of Ethernet services across networks. RCN Metro said that in order to interconnect with carriers today, one-off interconnection agreements needed to be negotiated with each carrier.

"RCN Metro has valuable assets in our local Ethernet service offerings; standardized network interconnections will make it easier for wholesale carriers to purchase and sell our Ethernet services without compromising our service differentiation," said Felipe Alvarez, president of RCN Metro. "The Ethernet exchanges deliver an efficient and cost-effective method of interconnecting on a one-to-many basis."

RCN Metro's Ethernet service offers dedicated point-to-point, switched point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint Layer 2 service over dedicated access bandwidth, which enables the extension of LAN infrastructure for WAN connectivity, as well as point-to-point private line services.

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