Motorola is introducing a universal edge QAM designed for narrowcast applications in cable networks.

Motorola said the Apex1500 edge QAM provides comprehensive support for switched digital video (SDV) and video-on-demand. 

The two-rack-unit edge QAM also supports full session VOD encryption, allowing every VOD session to be uniquely encrypted for each set-top. Additionally, when used with the Motorola SDV solution, the Motorola Apex1500 supports edge encryption of SDV streams for Mediacipher markets, thus eliminating the need for a separate centralized network encryption device, the company said.

The product can accommodate up to six hot-swappable QAM modules and two hot swappable and redundant power supplies, all of which are sharable with Motorola’s earlier Apex model, the Apex1000.

"The continuing rise in demand for bandwidth for narrowcast services such as video-on-demand and switched digital video is driving the need for edge QAM solutions with more flexibility, lower power consumption and higher density," said Bob Wilson, vice president of Motorola’s Networked Video Solutions Group.

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