International cable operator Liberty Global announced it has teamed up with Samsung, Intel, NDS and Nagravision to build a multimedia gateway for its digital subscribers.

Calling the gateway a “revolutionary device,” Liberty Global also said the multimedia home gateway will be an all-IP platform capable of distributing video, voice and data content throughout the home and to multiple video displays.

The user interface, which will seamlessly integrate video content, widgets, apps, and an advanced search and recommendation engine, “will forever change how our customers experience digital TV and IP-based content,” according to Liberty Global.

Samsung was tasked with building the multimedia home gateway, which will be powered by the Intel Atom CE Media Processor. The middleware and the user experience will be provided by NDS, based on Flash technology.

Nagravision will add in the conditional access solution through Nagra Media Access. The gateway will support MoCA and Wi-Fi, and participate in the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) ecosystem.

“This revolutionary platform will provide LGI’s customers in Europe with a groundbreaking new product that has long been anticipated but never delivered: a seamless, intuitive way for people to access their live, time-shifted, on-demand, and Web-based content on the television,” Liberty Global’s President and CEO Mike Fries said. “Consumers everywhere are increasingly demanding smart, elegant and simple tools to navigate, share and enjoy their video content. Together with our partners, we are making this experience a reality for our customers.”

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