Widevine will be providing digital rights management (DRM) and video optimization for Dish Network when the satellite provider launches its TV Everywhere service later this year.

Dish Network will use Widevine’s technology to provide DVR-like “trick play” features to its customers, as well as adaptive streaming and DRM for its TV Everywhere service.

In addition to providing a better viewing experience through adaptive streaming, which sends the correct bit rates to different devices, Widevine’s DRM will ensure that Dish Network’s programming is securely delivered wirelessly to any device anywhere in a home.

"We are excited to partner with Widevine to bring TV Everywhere to our customers," said Bruce Eisen, vice president of online content development and strategy at Dish Network. "With Widevine's Hollywood studio-approved DRM and video optimization technologies, Dish Network customers will have the freedom to watch their favorite programming throughout their home and on the go via a multitude of devices."

Dish Network first outlined its TV Everywhere suite of products at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Widevine said its platform has been deployed by major Internet content services and large cable, satellite and telecom companies launching strategies to help consumers watch their TV programs anywhere.

The company's software platform optimizes the entertainment experience for content delivered over any network to any device. The platform is natively supported in nearly all major brands and types of network-connected consumer electronics including televisions, Blu-ray players, mobile devices and gaming systems.

Widevine is a privately held corporation headquartered in Seattle whose investors include Cisco, Charter Ventures, Liberty Global and Samsung Ventures America.

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