Canoe Ventures has inked separate partner agreements with Comcast Networks, Discovery Communications, NBC Universal and Rainbow Media for the upcoming launch of its interactive advertising applications.

“Canoe’s mission is to turn television into the next great interconnected digital platform,” said David Verklin, CEO of Canoe Ventures. “We hope to be a part of enhancing the television experience starting with the launch of truly national interactive TV, something we as an industry have been talking about for many years. We are so proud to be associated with these visionary programming network partners that share our passion to make TV even better.”

Last year, Canoe Ventures pulled the plug on its Community Addressable Messaging (CAM) platform due to operational issues. The CAM project was going to be Canoe’s first product launch.

Since then, Canoe Ventures, which was formed in 2008 by the nation’s six largest cable operators, has been targeting a request for information (RFI) launch that is slated for this spring. Last week, at The Cable Show in Los Angeles, a Canoe Ventures spokeswoman said the RFI launch was still on track for the spring launch, which means it should happen in the coming weeks.

The RFI overlay, which uses templates that are based on CableLabs’ Enhanced TV Binary Interchange Format (EBIF), allows customers to request more information, including coupons, product samples and additional information, during 30-second commercials.

An RFI campaign is created using a template that runs across all of Canoe’s cable partners’ systems, which allows the campaign to scale across multiple cable operators’ footprints.

“This is an incredibly important first step in building a marketplace for national interactivity on cable,” said Mark Mitchell, chief relationship officer for Canoe Ventures. “Our programming partners are helping to lead the way in developing a new level of viewer involvement in television that will benefit all stakeholders and make TV a more competitive and compelling digital marketing medium.”

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