ActiveVideo Networks announced this morning that it had filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Verizon Communications Inc., Verizon Services Corp., Verizon Virginia Inc. and Verizon South Inc. in the Eastern District of Virginia.

The lawsuit alleged that Verizon’s FiOS system infringed on five patents for technology created, owned and used by ActiveVideo Networks, including:

• United States Patent No. 6,034,678, titled "Cable Television System With Remote Interactive Processor”
• United States Patent No. 5,550,578, titled "Interactive And Conventional Television Information System"
• United States Patent No. 6,100,883, titled "Home Interface Controller for Providing Interactive Cable Television"
• United States Patent No. 5,526,034, titled "Interactive Home Information System with Signal Assignment"
• United States Patent No. 6,205,582, titled "Interactive Cable Television System With Frame Server"

"Since its inception, ActiveVideo Networks has pioneered the development of technologies for interactive television such as video-on-demand and Web content on television," said ActiveVideo Networks CEO Jeff Miller. "ActiveVideo Networks, its employees and its investors have expended significant amounts of time and money developing these proprietary technologies and successfully deploying them at numerous locations. ActiveVideo Networks respects the intellectual property rights of others and has no choice but to insist that Verizon do the same."

A spokesman for ActiveVideo declined to provide additional details on the lawsuit.

A spokeswoman for Verizon said the lawsuit was "without merit" via e-mail this morning.

Formerly known as ICTV, ActiveVideo currently services approximately 5 million homes with its CloudTV platform. One of ActiveVideo’s largest announced customers is Cablevision, which is the nation’s fifth-largest cable operator.

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