Catering to requirements of Comcast, Trident Microsystems announced a digital transport adapter (DTA) chip that features support for several security and encryption technologies.

Trident claims its CX24482 is the first such chip, which it is calling a universal DTA (uDTA). The company said that uDTA support is being required by Comcast for its next generation of DTAs.

Trident did not identify which DTA companies are using its chipset, but it said that several are, and that Comcast has already deployed DTAs based on the new chip.

Comcast sources its DTAs from several manufacturers, including Cisco, Motorola, Pace and Thomson.

Trident did say that the CX24482 has achieved full certification from Cisco and from CCAD (Combined Conditional Access Deployment and Support), a joint venture between Comcast and Motorola that develops security technology for cable and consumer devices.

In addition, the chipset has a DVB-compliant transport stream process with an MPEG-2 (MP@ML) video decoder and an MPEG-2/Dolby AC3 audio decoder, Trident said.

"Comcast is very excited to be leading the charge in offering universal DTA technology to our customers as we continue transitioning from analog to digital television broadcasting," said Steve Reynolds, Comcast’s senior vice president of customer premises equipment. "These universal adapters take advantage of Trident's uDTA chipset to allow Comcast to reclaim the bandwidth needed to provide digital services into millions of homes across our entire network infrastructure."

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