Time Warner Cable Business Class, a division of Time Warner Cable, will be one of the driving forces behind a consortium that will help spur small business growth through access to broadband, the company announced today.

Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC) has joined Score, which it described as a public and private consortium. Through Score’s new “Counselors to America’s Small Business” initiative, the consortium’s members hope to increase small businesses’ success with broadband planning, training, tools and resources that are centered on high-speed Internet use.

“Broadband connectivity is critical for business success in today’s marketplace,” said Score CEO Ken Yancey. “We want to make it easier for small businesses to access this technology to create efficiencies, leverage e-commerce, expand marketing and increase social networking online.

“This consortium will make it easier than ever for small businesses to learn about using technology to grow their businesses, using broadband to enable e-commerce and leveraging technology to meet the demands of today’s consumers.”

TWCBC said it will be a consortium leader, and it plans on working with Score’s network of 12,400 mentors across the country. The founding consortium partners are: AT&T, Best Buy, Cisco, Constant Contact, Google, HP, Intuit, Microsoft, Skype and Time Warner Cable Business Class. Supporters include DRT Strategies and Engage.

“Time Warner Cable Business Class has been providing broadband Internet access services to small businesses for over a decade and recognizes the vital role broadband plays in their day-to-day operations,” said Craig Collins, senior vice president of marketing and sales for Time Warner Cable Business Class. “We are proud to be part of this consortium to develop and provide small businesses training materials and Web-based education opportunities to maximize the positive benefits of broadband.”

Score’s initiative will focus on increasing digital literacy, Web skills, e-commerce capabilities and online communications tools usage for small businesses. Time Warner Cable Business Class and other consortium founders are donating to The Score Foundation free or discounted services and applications, training content, “train-the-trainer” assistance and funding.

Score is hosting a kickoff event today in Washington, D.C. Speakers include Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski.

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