SeaChange International has launched a new service, available to its VOD customers, in which it will provide remote monitoring and management of video assets.

SeaChange’s Remote Managed Services is available to assist operators through 24/7 systems analysis and maintenance, the company said.

The aim in developing the service package was to help customers prevent problems without adding overhead. With on-demand viewing increasing rapidly, SeaChange said its own data (aggregated from multiple customers) shows that one-third of all issues reported to technical support could have been prevented by proactive, disciplined monitoring and maintenance.

“Add to this situation the shortening of content release windows and operators’ increasingly creative tactics like retail ‘day-and-date’ releases that drive subscribers to use on-demand more often, and you can easily see the increased responsibility for technology providers to think and act ever more preemptively,” said Tom Kracz, SeaChange’s vice president of professional services.

“We recognize that operators don’t have to create more overhead before the challenge results in opportunity cost or churn,” Kracz continued.

Insufficient Preventive Maintenance Can Put VOD Service At Risk

Running remotely over a secure high-speed network, SeaChange’s Remote Managed Services cover the maintenance tasks and analysis spanning the on-demand operations chain from movie and TV program ingest to individual subscriber sessions.

These tasks include proactive system monitoring; system “health checks” and audits, system patching and maintenance, system performance analysis and content management. Some of the common but preventable problems include:

  • Disk drives with over-long reads that can be flagged, diagnosed and replaced before potential failure
  • Burdened and at-risk memory resources which, through scheduled review, can be proactively increased to avoid a system freeze
  • Third-party equipment fails to pass requests to SeaChange systems, which can be resolved by Managed Services’ analysis of traffic to ensure end-to-end operational performance.
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