Today, Optimum Lightpath announced the availability of a low-latency optical transport service that was developed to meet the high bandwidth needs of customers that include financial, health care, media and government entities.

Optimum Lightpath, a division of Cablevision, said the new service is available on pre-equipped and pre-conditioned routes on Optimum Lightpath’s footprint, and it’s based on a flat-rate pricing model.

The service can deliver speeds down to the microsecond level with guaranteed service-level agreements (SLAs) and has been developed to meet the specific demands of Optimum Lightpath’s vertical sector customers, particularly large financial institutions that are in or near its New York metropolitan area footprint.

Optimum Lightpath said its point-to-point, low-latency services are supported by a guaranteed minimum latency and circuit turn-up time frame and rapid time to market availability. The route distances were minimized by bypassing common carrier infrastructure, offering each customer its own private expressway, and more routes will be added over time. The offer is designed for customers that require 1 gigabit and 10 gigabit wavelength services in pre-determined low-latency routes.

“Large organizations are ready to take their networks to the next level to leverage the competitive advantage that Optimum Lightpath’s low-latency service offers,” said Dave Pistacchio, president of Optimum Lightpath. “Whether making a key financial trade, saving a patient’s life or ensuring government department decision-making is based on the latest information, low latency is a key driver of effective data communication. As a result, Optimum Lightpath can offer an edge to organizations that operate in an environment where every microsecond matters.”

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