Following a string of acquisitions, chip designer Sigma Designs has reorganized from business units built around specific products into divisions that align with solution sets.

One division will be dedicated to customer premises equipment (CPE) control systems, the other to CPE connectivity products.

Sigma Designs is now divided into a Media Processor Business Group and a Home Connectivity Business Group. The company also set up a separate Worldwide Sales Group.

Sigma’s acquisitions include the VXP video processing business, the Z-Wave home control/smart energy business and, most recently, the CopperGate entertainment networking business.

Customers include set-top box manufacturers, consumer electronics companies and more than 40 service providers around the world.

The Media Processor Business Group will focus on system-on-a-chip solutions for the set-top box, consumer electronics and home control markets.

The Media Processor Business Group will provide IPTV set-top box solutions, DMA products and Z-Wave home control/smart energy products, and it will also serve the emerging IP cable set-top box market.

This group is being headed by David Lynch as vice president and general manager; he was formerly vice president of sales and marketing.

The Home Connectivity Business Group will develop and market home entertainment connectivity solutions for residential gateways, set-top boxes, optical network terminals (ONTs), bridges, consumer electronics equipment and MDU broadband access devices.

Sigma’s Home Connectivity Business Group represents IPTV home connectivity solutions over coax and phone lines, Ethernet-over-Coax (EoC) solutions for MDUs, and the HomePlug AV and segments.

This unit will be headed by Gabi Hilevitz as vice president and general manager; he was formerly CEO of CopperGate.

Worldwide Sales Group is being headed by Sal Cobar as vice president of worldwide sales and business development. He was formerly vice president of worldwide sales for Silicon Image.

“We have strengthened our management team with seasoned executives,” said Thinh Tran, chairman and CEO of Sigma Designs. “Having David and Gabi driving their business groups with full profit/loss responsibility while Sal manages our unified sales organization allows us to take full advantage of all our strategic acquisitions, maintain sharp focus on our goals, all while retaining the innovation, rapid progress and agility that have always been hallmarks of Sigma Designs.”

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