JDSU today announced a new suite of test applications for troubleshooting Ethernet networks.

In one feature set, J-Profiler enhances the troubleshooting capability for technicians who must identify network problems in circuits with up to thousands of active sessions, including Ethernet mobile backhaul networks where thousands of streams may exist across hundreds of cell sites.

J-Profiler helps isolate problems by providing automatic and non-intrusive discovery of virtual local area network (VLAN), Q-in-Q, IP and Transmission Control Protocol/User Datagram Protocol (TCP/UDP) streams.

The tester also displays the bandwidth utilization and VLAN user priority set for each stream, allowing the technician to view “top-talkers” by customer, traffic type or application. This results in quick and easy troubleshooting of misconfigured virtual network circuits that are impacting other services, the company said.

"JDSU introduced J-Complete to help network architects, engineers and technicians better manage the potentially hundreds of problems across multiple layers that cause customer dissatisfaction with carrier Ethernet networks," said Jim Nerschook, vice president and general manager in JDSU's Communications Test and Measurement business segment.

The J-Profiler, part of the company’s J-Complete suite of test applications, is available for the T-BERD/MTS-6000A Multi Services Application Module (MSAM).

J-Profiler also complements the JDSU capture/decode features available for the T-BERD/MTS-6000A; technicians can use J-Profiler for high-level observation and then use capture/decode to further identify and resolve the source of service quality issues across multiple network layers. Together, these two features help reduce the complexity and costs of managing carrier Ethernet networks, JDSU said.

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