Ixia has cut a deal with Adobe Systems to develop application-layer test emulation for the latter’s Flash Media Streaming.

Flash has become one of the most prevalent video playback technologies on the Web. (Separately, Flash is being turned into an issue of contention by Apple, which refuses to support it).

Adobe will provide Ixia with its Flash Media Streaming. The test emulation solutions Ixia develops will be part of its IxLoad product. The addition will allow IxLoad to be used to provide large-scale testing of media servers, caching systems and content delivery networks (CDNs).

Ixia said it expects IxLoad 5.0 will be the first product to incorporate Adobe Flash Player protocols as part of a multi-play testing solution.

“Adobe Flash technology is on over 98 percent of connected computers and more than one billion devices,” said Adobe’s John Collins, global OEM partner manager of rich media solutions. “Because of its prevalence, our customers expect a high level of quality of experience when delivering content via the Adobe Flash Platform and must be confident of their media-rich streaming abilities. Ixia’s IxLoad tests Flash player protocols with realistic, high-capacity traffic emulation to accurately plan network capacity.”

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