Today, at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, Harmonic introduced its new Distribution Management System (DMS), a control and management system for the company’s distribution offerings.

Harmonic said DMS enables over-the-air (OTA) in-band control of content distribution network elements, including ProView 7000 receivers and ProStream 1000 stream processors. The new DMS solution is ideal for content distribution to operators, affiliates and service providers, as well as for distribution of digital terrestrial TV services.

Harmonic said that operators using its DMS can lower operating expenditures and eliminate the need for costly remote site visits by controlling the video distribution network from a single control system with advanced scheduling, configuration, software upgrade and inventory management capabilities.

In addition, DMS provides support for blackout management and secure broadcast of video content over satellite and IP, helping service providers protect content for delivery only to authorized recipients.

“Our new DMS solution enables content providers, aggregators and service providers to centralize and simplify management of services such as channel entitlements, local program switching and implementation of regional blackouts,” said Ran Ferster, product marketing manager for Harmonic. “This new product introduction extends our portfolio of high-performance, high-quality contribution and distribution solutions. DMS provides operators with a wide variety of benefits, including lower cost and complexity with bulk control and management for the entire video channel lineup.”

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