On the heels of Dish Network’s announcement that it has 200 HD channels, today DirecTV countered by saying it has 160.

DirecTV added 30 channels to its HD lineup card, including MSNBC HD, ESPNU HD, Travel Channel HD, Hallmark HD and Univision HD.

The nation’s top-two satellite providers have been known in the past to use some creative math when it comes to their HD counts. While DirecTV is counting regional offerings that it already provides as additional channels, Dish Network’s 200 count includes on-demand and pay-per-view movies.

In addition to the 30 HD offerings that will be launched next month, DirecTV said it would launch a suite of 3-D channels, which will include N3D powered by Panasonic, ESPN 3-D, a 3-D DirecTV Cinema channel and a 3-D DirecTV on-demand channel, in June.

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