Today, thePlatform announced its new social media player that will allow media companies to embed and share online videos across their social networks.

“With our new Player Development Kit, audiences can clip and share a favorite portion of video with a few simple clicks,” said Ian Blade, thePlatform’s CEO. “Historically, there has been some resistance from traditional media companies to fully empower consumers to share their videos across social networks because of the need to maintain some control over branding and monetization. Our video management system gives them this control. The advertisements can travel with their virally syndicated content, no matter where it has been embedded.”

The new development kit was announced today at the “TV of Tomorrow Show 2010” in San Francisco.

Customers who use thePlatform’s PDK 4.2 will be able to place their entire video player experience – with all of its features, add-ins and components – into a single Adobe Flash file for embedding into social networks, blogs and affiliate sites.

They can also immediately launch video players that are pre-integrated with 10 leading social media sites, which include: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Digg, reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Windows Live, Yahoo! Buss and Vodpod.

Customers can also reach more social media sites by using thePlatform’s APIs. Users can share a video with e-mail-to-a-friend features, RSS feeds and embeddable links. In addition, thePlatform’s Community Toolkit lets users comment, rate, tag and create favorites via their players.

For Twitter, thePlatform has added additional features, including support for automatically adding hash tags based on the video’s metadata and short URL generation to simplify the experience for consumers.

“There’s no question that sharing and other social media capabilities are becoming increasingly important features for video players, and that’s also true on AP’s Online Video Network,” said Bill Burke, global director of online video products for The Associated Press. “Right now, we’re building enhanced players for our 1,500-affiliate network, and having these features as a standard part of thePlatform’s tool set means faster and less-costly player development – a real long-term benefit.”

ThePlatform is a subsidiary of Comcast, and it provides some of the functionality for the cable operator’s Fancast Xfinity offering, as well as serves as a central video processing hub for broadcasters and media companies.

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