Suddenlink Communications has launched an enhanced version of its home security service to subscribers in some of the Texas communities it serves.

Currently, the newest version of the home security system is available in Amarillo, Canyon, Tula, Midland, Lubbock, Abilene, and San Angelo, as well as smaller West Texas communities.

While Suddenlink has been offering a home security system for more than 25 years in some Texas communities, the latest version has some new features, including the ability to monitor property remotely and get e-mail, text or phone alerts. Suddenlink said cameras and other high-tech options that allow homeowners to stay connected to their homes also would be available with this system, which is called Suddenlink Security.

Suddenlink said the new security technologies were launching across the majority of its systems market by market. The new version of the home security service has launched in North Carolina and in Branson and Nixa, Missouri.

“Residents in our service area can now stay connected and protected using cutting edge technology that’s revolutionizing security services,” said Suddenlink Director of Operations Tim Archer.  “Being able to get alerts while you’re at work or on vacation adds a new dimension to protecting your property. Customers also have the option to install cameras and actually see their property online.”

Suddenlink Security offers motion detection devices, and uses a wireless system to monitor doors, windows, or even gun and liquor cabinets.

“We believe this new technology will be popular with families,” Archer said, “and can be an attractive choice for seniors and others in need of immediate response to emergency situations.”

The service includes professional installation and UL-certified, state-licensed 24/7 monitoring. The service works with Suddenlink’s phone service, as well as most other phone services. Suddenlink said homeowners who use its security system could qualify for discounts on their homeowners’ insurance.

Installation is free, and the home security service is bundled onto one bill with other Suddenlink services. There are also options available for the service to work with a homeowner’s existing alarm equipment.

A spokesman for Suddenlink wrote via e-mail this morning that the price for Suddenlink Security would vary, depending on the services a customer chooses. Suddenlink Security can be purchased as a stand-alone service, but customers can bundle and save by getting security service with Suddenlink video, high-speed Internet or phone services. 

“Prices for security monitoring services start as low as $20 when customers subscribe to other Suddenlink services,” Suddenlink’s Gene Regan wrote. “The best way for people to get information about cost is to call or contact us locally to discuss specific needs. Our prices are very competitive, and having Suddenlink Security can save money on homeowners’ insurance, too.”

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