CopperGate CG3310MSigma Designs is introducing what it says is the first complete Ethernet over coax (EoC) chip. The IC is aimed at set-top boxes and other networked consumer devices.

The CopperGate CG3310M (Sigma Designs bought CopperGate last year) uses a new flexible band selection process for improved performance, increased robustness and better coexistence with legacy services such as CATV and DOCSIS, the company said.

The new chip can support 160 Mbps of total system throughput to 126 simultaneous users; 160 Mbps is not coincidentally the data rate cable companies can provide when they bond four DOCSIS 3.0 channels.

The new chip makes integration into end user devices such as set top boxes and networked consumer appliances much cheaper, opening up a new opportunity for OEMs to deliver even lower priced, integrated solutions for multiple service offerings over EoC, Sigma Designs said.

The new CopperGate CG3310M also supports Fast EoC and is fully compatible with the CG3210M and with previous HomePNA based EoC solutions. The CG3310M is available today for new EoC designs.

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