On Friday, National Cable & Telecommunications Association President and CEO Kyle McSlarrow sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission that outlined seven consumer principles that cable operators could help implement in order to spur video innovation in the video device retail market.

McSlarrow’s letter, which was addressed to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, provided the cable industry’s input as the FCC gets ready to release its National Broadband Plan tomorrow.

“Our industry is committed to providing content to consumers where and when they want it, on all possible consumer devices, and for those devices to be innovative platforms for new applications,” McSlarrow wrote. “We want consumers to be able to buy video devices at retail and to know that cable content can be among their video sources. To that end, we offer the following consumer principles to which cable operators are committed and which we believe could serve as the foundation for Commission and inter-industry efforts.”

The seven consumer principles advocated by the NCTA were:

  • Consumers should have the option to purchase video devices at retail that can access their multichannel provider’s video services without a set-top box supplied by that provider.
  • Consumers should also have the option to purchase video devices at retail that can access any multichannel provider’s video services through an interface solution offered by that provider.
  • Consumers should have the option to access video content from the Internet through their multichannel provider’s video devices and retail video devices.
  • Consumers should have the option to purchase video devices at retail that can search for video content across multiple content sources, including content from their multichannel provider, the Internet or other sources.
  • Consumers should have the option to easily and securely move video content between and among devices in their homes.
  • Consumers should be assured the benefits of continuous innovation and variety in video products, devices and services provided by multichannel providers and at retail.
  • To maximize consumer benefits and to ensure competitive neutrality in a highly dynamic marketplace, these principles should be embraced by all video providers, implemented flexibly to accommodate different network architectures and diverse equipment options, and, to the maximum extent possible, serve as the basis for private sector solutions, not government technology mandates.
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