Latens announced that it has added enhancements to its Eco middleware platform that is used by IPTV service providers.

The new features include alpha-blending graphics over live TV, advanced third-party applications, and greater user interface (UI) customization and configuration options for operators.

Latens said the Eco platform update enabled the integration of advanced applications from third-party partners. Latens’ partners, including Accedo and Systemagic, can build applications, such as interactive games and social media, that can be integrated with the core user interface.

“The latest enhancements to the Eco UI provide operators with a more customizable, fully flexible and configurable user interface. Latens continues to develop the Eco service delivery platform to meet the rapidly evolving requirements of telco and cable operators,” said Philip Cardy, Latens’ product marketing director.

Latens is showing the latest version of Eco at the IPTV World Forum.

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