IneoQuest Technologies has included program availability, a performance indicator recently standardized by the SCTE, in its products used for monitoring the quality of video distribution.

The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers recently published its “Recommended Practice for Monitoring Multimedia Distribution Quality” standard (168-6 2010).

Until now there hasn’t been a method to consistently assess that subscriber viewing expectations were being met at each and every delivery point within the network, IneoQuest explained. Having a program-centric methodology allows providers to improve quality of service (QoS) while addressing subscribers’ demands for higher quality of experience (QoE).

The SCTE’s newly approved industry practice for monitoring recommend ‘availability’ as the common language for measuring the quality of video delivery.  Their performance target for high availability requires that a subscriber not experience any more than six (HD) to 24 (SD) seconds of errors in a program for a 24-hour period.

Providers can either leverage this industry target or set their own availability objective, but by using this consistent performance benchmark, all parties involved in video service can improve business communication, such as for SLA’s and overall video quality delivery by measuring the expected performance of their networks against this standardized metric.

Using program availability as a standard measurement, video service providers can continuously monitor and report on delivery network performance and device reliability for quality of service (QoS) improvements, operational cost control and service level agreement (SLA) management.

IneoQuest has a line of probes and streamlined management systems which harvest vast amounts of data to derive per-program accumulated errored seconds over a monitored period and feed this information into its software management platforms for real-time views of program quality and Program Availability Reports. Leveraging this information, providers can troubleshoot faults immediately, as well as solve systemic issues by using IneoQuest’s trending analytics for assessing the overall operational health of a video network, the company said.

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