Duncan Cable TV has selected GoBackTV’s RetroVue system for its upgrade to interactive digital cable.

Duncan Cable TV currently delivers 75 channels of analog television, as well as DOCSIS-based broadband access to 2,800 customers over 105 miles of hybrid fiber/coax plant in Wilmington, Vt.

With GoBackTV’s RetroVue system, Duncan will be able to provide over 50 channels of HD cable IPTV, video on demand, video mosaic, switched multicast, and StartOver. Duncan Cable TV will also use GoBackTV’s MyRV Portal middleware to provide guide and navigation tools.

“We looked at a lot of solutions, and GoBackTV has the best, most financially realistic solution for DCTV,” said Cliff Duncan, owner of Duncan Cable TV.  “We want the same new services as the large operators, but we have fewer customers over which we can spread the cost. Thirty-eight years of experience offering Cable TV services tells us that, as a very small operator, we can't be all things to all people. However, the GoBackTV solution will enable us to offer unique as well as cutting edge video services we believe our subscribers will value highly.”

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