Comcast has completed a 300-mile network expansion in Vermont passes more than 6,000 additional homes and businesses in 25 communities.

Comcast said that four of the communities – South Hero, Grand Isle, North Hero and Brookline – previously had not had access to Comcast's advanced broadband services. 

Comcast said it has extended its fiber-optic network by more than 1,200 miles since arriving in Vermont in 2006.

With the Federal Government focused on extending affordable access to more Americans, a 3-year-old program in Vermont provides an example of how it might be done. In 2007, the state commenced its e-State initiative, which included the Vermont Telecommunications Authority issuing millions of dollars of bonds to complement private investment in network expansion.

Vermont Governor Jim Douglas said, “Ensuring that all Vermonters have access to reliable, high-speed internet connections is a top priority of mine and an economic imperative for our state. That's why I proposed the e-State initiative in 2007 and have worked with the Legislature to expand broadband across our state. Comcast is an important partner in this effort and I am delighted that they are moving forward with plans to provide their services to more Vermont communities."

"We are so proud to deliver on our promise to expand our advanced fiber-optic network to areas of Vermont that previously had no access to broadband," said Pam Mackenzie, Area Vice President for Comcast in Vermont. "This extension of our network allows more and more residents and businesses to take advantage of our cutting-edge products and services and further expands our community commitment to bring broadband access to Vermont schools, libraries and Boys & Girls Clubs."

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