Comcast acknowledged it is considering the use of TiVo’s new Premiere DVR technology.

Comcast has been offering DVRs combined with TiVo service in its New England market since 2008. At the time, Comcast implied it would introduce the product in other markets, but it’s still available only in an unspecified set of “select” areas, according to TiVo.

So perhaps it is not surprising that Comcast would consider using Premiere but has yet to commit to anything, as reported in Multichannel News. The magazine reported that Comcast is considering how to integrate the new TiVo guide with tru2way.

The features of the TiVo Premiere guide are not unique. What is rare is that the guide is built on Adobe Flash, a popular platform for Web-based applications. It could prove similarly powerful for TV widgets, or applications that tie together the Web and the TV.

RCN will be using the TiVo Premiere as its top-of-the-line DVR in all of its markets, according to a statement the company made yesterday when the Premiere was introduced. That was something of a foregone conclusion, however, as RCN had announced last summer it was going with TiVo.

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