Many companies are already offering their customers a Web-based request-a-call feature to connect with customer service. BroadBand Connections is offering a means of making customer waiting time for the callback into a commercial avail.

The company said its i’Mpressions request-a-call feature is already in use by MetroCast and Time Warner Cable’s National Division.

When a customer clicks the i’Mpressions request-a-call button on a Web site, a small browser window pops up asking for the customer’s phone number. The customer’s phone then rings immediately, and while the call is routed to customer service, a full motion video announcement plays in the same window. While the 30-second video plays in the browser, the audio is synchronized on the phone, BroadBand Connections explained.

The company said the technology doesn’t require any upfront investment, changes to a company’s existing call center infrastructure or desktop software to install. Calls can be routed through an existing interactive voice response (IVR) system, and each call can be tracked to measure marketing effectiveness.

“The video and synchronized audio on the phone really captures the customer’s attention while they are holding and communicates key marketing messages,” said Kim Gilmartin, president of BroadBand Connections. “To interactively promote your products to a captured customer while they are waiting on hold is a marketer’s dream.”

MetroCast and Time Warner Cable’s National Division are the first two major clients of i’Mpressions, BroadBand Connections said.

“By utilizing high-resolution streaming video, the i’Mpressions platform really demonstrates the value of cable broadband to our customers,” said Kathy Banco, corporate director of marketing at MetroCast. “It also puts us in the 21st century, by making customer service reps available via multiple venues such as online click-to-call. And being able to promote our products to the customer at the point of contact is a huge benefit.”

“We are excited to use the innovative new i’Mpressions request-a-call technology to promote our Road Runner service to new and existing customers,” said Cheryl Davis, director of marketing for Time Warner Cable National Systems. “We think customers will appreciate the option of click-to-call technology to contact us. We’re using that short window while the call is being connected as an opportunity to feature the benefits of our Road Runner Turbo service.”

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