Boingo Wireless wants in on the iPad in a big way. The Wi-Fi provider today announced a new application designed for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad users that allows consumers to purchase one-hour credits for Wi-Fi service directly from their Apple iTunes account.  

Consumers can purchase the $1.99 Wi-Fi credits in advance or at the time of connecting simply by confirming the purchase using their iTunes account log-in. The credits can be redeemed for 60 consecutive minutes of Wi-Fi access at a single Boingo hot spot and can be used at any of Boingo hot spots worldwide.

According to a press release, those users who buy credits in blocks of 10 will be rewarded with an additional free credit. The credits are good for up to one full year after purchase.

“For Apple device owners who find themselves needing Wi-Fi access only occasionally, it’s a great way to put some credits in the bank, so you can draw them down when you need them most,” said Dave Hagan, president and CEO for Boingo Wireless.

The Boingo Wi-Fi Credits software also identifies Boingo hot spots and allows consumers to search for hot spots using a new mapping feature.  The application is available immediately to iTunes users with a U.S. account and will be available to global customers in the near future.

For consumers who connect to Wi-Fi hot spots frequently, Boingo’s subscription service, Boingo Mobile provides unlimited global access to Boingo hot spots for $7.95 per month.  To sign up, consumers download the free Boingo Mobile software, Boingo Mobile Wi-Fi, which is also available for free from the iTunes App Store.

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