BigBand Networks has introduced a major new revision of its Switched Video Analysis (SVA) software. SVA 4.0 incorporates improved monitoring, performance and usability features to support large-scale SDV network operations.

Switch Request Execution Time

The new version takes advantage of the company’s experience with SDV deployments. BigBand claims its equipment serves more than 33 million homes.

Service providers use BigBand’s SVA software to monitor utilization and performance of their SDV networks, to track end user experience, to optimize SDV channel lineups, to plan service group and node splits and to identify long-tail content in order to maximize the number of programs that can be carried. 

“Service providers are aggressively expanding their content packages, including both growing channel line-ups, and supporting additional formats such as HD, 3D or IP delivery,” said Paul Crann, vice president of product management, BigBand Networks. “Switched digital video along with advanced tools like SVA 4.0 offer cable operators fast and economical bandwidth expansion to support new services with greater visibility into the performance and utilization of their networks.”

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