Cox Business has dislodged Verizon as Hampton University’s primary on-campus phone and data service provider.

While Cox previously provided some services to Hampton University, the new five-year agreement expanded the relationship, making Cox the primary provider on campus for phone and Internet services.

Cox’s services will be available to the University’s estimated 5,000 students and will span across the main campus and its remote sites. While the new agreement is for five years, Cox Business said there were provisions in place to expand it beyond that timeframe.

Cox said it would provide secure, high-capacity bandwidth to meet the university's technology needs at a significant cost savings over the previous provider, which was Verizon.

Cox said its flexible network allows for any level of scalability, meaning that it can tailor Internet speeds and bandwidth capacity to meet the growing needs of the university. Cox provides the services using fiber and SONET (synchronous optical networking) technology.

"Our goal was to secure the best telecommunications solutions for the HU community at the very best price,” said Doretha Spells, Hampton University’s vice president for business affairs and treasurer. “We achieved this goal and more with the selection of Cox Business. This agreement will help ensure that students, faculty and staff have the technology they need to succeed in today's digital world."

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