Calix has expanded the Ethernet capabilities of its communications services platform with the introduction of five new line cards.

The new line cards for the company’s C7 Multiservice Access Platform (MSAP) bring 10 Gbps Ethernet transport and aggregation functionality, VDSL2 and enhanced gigabit passive optical networking (GPON) services, as well as Ethernet gateway functionality.

The RAP-10GE forms the core of the EXA Powered C7, operating as the common control unit for the C7 and delivering carrier-grade, ERPS ring-protected 10 Gbps and 1 Gbps transport interfaces, full Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) service assurance and compliance, as well as a 150 Gbps switching fabric.

The COMBO2-24V and VDSL2-24 deliver high-density VDSL2 services, including seamless fallback to ADSL2+, Annex M and bonding support in a single-slot form factor that allows for 1:1 replacement of existing Calix ADSL cards for operational simplicity.

The Ethernet Gateway (EGW) acts as a gateway for the existing base of C7 multi-protocol line cards, allowing existing cards to leverage the Ethernet transport infrastructure of the EXA Powered C7.

The OLTG-4E delivers up to four GPON ports per card, supporting any mix of standard or extended-reach GPON optical interface modules.

The new C7 line cards share a common software core with Calix’s E-Series platforms, which allows the C7 MSAP and E7 ESAP platforms to work together in an access network. In addition, each new card is fully compatible with the existing stable of C7 cards, allowing for simple service migration and preservation of necessary legacy services.

The new products bring the number of line card options for Calix’s C7 to 47. The company says the C7 is deployed with more than 500 North American and international communications service providers (CSPs), whose networks serve more than 32 million subscriber lines.

Calix also introduced six new residential optical network terminals (ONTs). The new 700GE ONT family includes models with two or four gigabit Ethernet ports on each.

Like the 700GX ONT family, each 700GE ONT is capable of auto-detecting both GPON and Active Ethernet transport. Each GE access port on the 700GE ONT is also designed to deliver a full 1 Gbps of bandwidth in both the upstream and the downstream, and it can also support multiple services and virtual local area networks (VLANs), providing exceptional flexibility and efficiency.

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