Arris said it has demonstrated the interoperability of its EGT VIPr ad splicing solution with digital advertising systems from several vendors, including its own ConvergeMedia SkyVision platform.

Arris said its interoperability tests validate that the EGT VIPr supports cable operator dynamic ad insertion in full compliance with the SCTE 30 and 35 specifications. It did not identify the other ad platforms in the interop test.

Arris bought EGT last fall.

Arris also touted the encoding technique the EGT VIPr uses to enable its rate-shaping capability. The company said the EGT VIPr can not only perform ad splicing, but combines the ability to rate-shape video traffic, all while maintaining video quality through a patent-pending encoding technique called Intelligent Recode.

Since the VIPr products perform full decoding and recoding of video content with adaptive video parameter reuse onboard in a single device, customers don’t have to get an additional rate-shaping unit, Arris said. Arris believes the combination to be unique.

"Integrating the EGT VIPr Ad Splicer with market-leading Ad Systems introduces a new class of ad splicing capabilities to cable operators. The EGT VIPr ad splicing feature ups the ante over previous generations of ad splicing technologies currently on the market," said Bill Hogan, Arris’ vice president of digital video systems product management.

Intelligent Recode, Arris said, provides full program decode and re-encode, closed loop statistical multiplexing, and SD and HD programming.

Current rate-shapers typically have limitations on the amount of bit rate reduction before causing video degradation, Arris explained. The EGT VIPr, however, can routinely process high bit-rate video while preserving the best-possible video quality for both the program content and the actual ads being spliced, Arris said.

The company expects that it will appeal to both advertisers and operators because it will ensure the maintenance of high video quality as programming switches between advertisements and programming.

Hogan said: "The Arris Intelligent Recode feature can provide noticeably superior video quality during ad transitions, which is a significant benefit for cable operators, advertisers and viewers at home. Combining these solutions into a single product gives our customers the confidence they need for splicing and encoding in an integrated, reliable and scalable solution set."

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