Online TV search engine developer SetJam announced today that it’s working with major, unnamed media companies to build a suite of TV Everywhere widgets.

The widgets work by linking any mention of a TV show or movie to all of the available online viewing options for that show. SetJam has designed the widgets around its "time-to-view" metric, which measures how quickly they get people to their shows.

"We're basically leveraging our core search algorithm that takes into account all the content on the page, as well as popularity, release dates and other metadata to automatically insert the right viewing options," said SetJam’s dean of technology Marcin Kaszynski.

SetJam is also opening a full-search API for sites that want customized integration.

"TV and movie content owners are bringing their vast libraries online. Our TV Everywhere widgets provide the glue between their offerings and the entertainment sites that people already use to help create the most powerful TV broadcaster in the world – the Internet," said SetJam CEO Ryan Janssen.

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