Motorola Home & Network Mobility said it is going to incorporate Dolby Laboratories’ volume technology into its DCX set-tops for the North American and Latin American markets.

Dolby Volume allows consumers to control the volume level on their playback devices so that it remains consistent across commercials and channel changes.

Motorola said deployed DCX3400 HD DVR and DCX3200 HD set-tops can be updated through cable networks. DCX700 and DCX3300 HD set-tops will have to have Dolby Volume already included.

Dolby Volume automatically adjusts volume levels to the user’s desired setting, eliminating “jumps” that can occur between TV programs, commercial breaks and channels.

Specifically designed for products in the living room, such as TVs, A/V receivers, set-top boxes and PCs, Dolby Volume is part of a comprehensive suite of Dolby technologies that address loudness issues. The suite includes professional technologies that aid in setting correct audio levels prior to broadcast and device-level implementations that aid in controlling volume inconsistencies at playback.

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