TVMax will be offering its customers in the Houston area a new HD DVR service combined with over-the-top video content, thanks to a deal with Evolution Digital.

Earlier this year, Evolution Digital and TiVo formed a partnership that allowed Evolution to offer TiVo’s HD DVRs equipped with a CableCard from Evolution partner Conax.

The TiVo partnership allows Evolution to target small- to medium-size cable operators that want to combine a DVR service with Internet content, which gives the service providers a VOD-like service without the infrastructure.

In May, TVMax completed its transition to an all-digital cable system by using Evolution’s digital terminal adapters (DTAs) and Conax encryption equipment.

“TiVo is the most recognized brand of DVR in the world, making the TiVo HD DVR an important addition to our portfolio of set-top boxes,” said David Curtin, COO at TVMax. “TiVo gives us a strong competitive advantage in the cable industry, with their advanced features including the world’s largest selection of on-demand titles. TiVo provides us one single TiVo remote and interface to millions of broadband entertainment choices directly on the customers’ televisions.”

TVMax will deploy TiVo DVRs to current multi-dwelling customers and offer current customers the choice of four $99 service bundles, each including a TiVo HD DVR.

Earlier this week, Compton Communications became the first Canadian operator to launch TiVo HD DVRs through Evolution Digital. Compton Communications said it plans to launch the TiVo HD DVRs during the holiday season.

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