Knology is going to introduce a simple interactive advertising scheme, deploying Backchannelmedia’s Clickable TV.

Clickable TV includes a small, client-based program that an operator can push to a customer’s set-top at the customer’s request. Viewers who choose to use Clickable TV will see small icons at the bottom of their TV screen during what the company calls "Clickable Moments" – opportunities to select content that can be sent to their e-mail accounts or to a secure Web portal for review later. Viewers can use their current remote controls.

The capability can be used for ads and other content. With ads, viewers’ responses – requests for information – can be forwarded directly to advertisers to fulfill.

The new advertising inventory of Clickable Moments allows Knology (and TV stations carried by Knology) to sell Clickable Moments to advertisers on a "per-click" basis, in addition to impression-based TV commercials. A new clickable content inventory links television content of interest to the Web, providing a useful and convenient service for TV viewers.

Backchannelmedia has several broadcaster clients for Clickable TV; Knology is the company’s first cable customer.

Knology will provide Clickable TV free of charge to its digital subscribers.

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