ETI founder and CEO Pete PiferEnhanced Telecommunications Inc. (d/b/a ETI Software Solutions), which recently hired Meir Lehrer as its vice president of international sales and marketing, has its hand in over-the-top, prepaid TV and IPTV, just to mention a few.

ETI founder and CEO Pete Pifer, who was with Scientific Atlanta for 15 years before creating ETI in 1992, said the company is basically a gap-filler: If a provider is “adding new services and needs software to integrate those services into the back office, that’s what we do,” he said.

The privately held company has about 125 service provider customers, which have anywhere from 500 to 3.5 million subscribers. Sky Mexico is ETI’s biggest customer.

ETI supports all types of video, such as old HFC plant, but mostly works with IPTV – primarily with telcos, but also with franchised cable ops. (The company is involved with CenturyLink’s IPTV trials in the U.S.) And the company provides a lot of advanced features, including remote PVR, Caller ID and the ability to self-provision.

In the over-the-top space, as OTT becomes a revenue-based service and requires a higher level of encryption for video and data, that’s when ETI will get involved, Pifer told CED. “When it’s subscriber-based, when there’s billing on a monthly basis, that’s when we’ll get involved,” he said.

As for prepaid TV, which has been espoused by NDS and Latens in the U.S., ETI boasts its TV Ticket solution, which is deployed in Canada with Manitoba Telecom Services. ETI is in talks with Cox Communications and Bright House Networks in the U.S. regarding TV Ticket. The company said the solution could also be beneficial for hospitality services.

And ETI offers softswitch provisioning to reduce the workload for telephone services. The idea is seamless triple-play provisioning, but in the future this would include mobile, as well, Pifer said.

The biggie, Pifer said, is going to be which company does the best job of providing services to its customers – that provider will win. “If I’ve got a problem, who’s going to fix it, and who’s going to have the best tools?”

Pifer said providers need to have a good, robust OSS/BSS infrastructure. “You can’t provide good service without good, solid back office software backing up your services.”

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