Latens announced that it has partnered with application developers Accedo Broadband, Cloverleaf Digital, Pleyo and Systemagic in order to offer certified integrations of applications on its middleware platform.

Latens said the four companies are application and widget vendors that have developed portal-based information applications, games and various custom services aimed at IPTV and connected-TV operators.

Latens has partnered with these companies to offer certified integrations of their applications with Latens’ Eco middleware. The partnerships were designed to offer telco and cable operators that are developing IPTV more choices and a bigger scope of applications to deploy in their IPTV services.

Latens’ ECO middleware with pre-integrated software-only CAS supports telco and cable operators’ push into advanced IPTV service offerings, allowing them to offer IP-based video control and transfer capabilities, such as over-the-top (OTT) video and TV Anywhere, while ensuring content security across multiple viewing devices.

“These partnerships give Latens the opportunity to offer IPTV operators greater freedom of choice, allowing full customization of their TV service to fit their business model and give viewers what they want,” said Phil Cardy, Latens’ product marketing director.

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