Sydney, Australia-based Foxtel has launched a bookable promotions feature in Asia with the aid of NDS.

While watching a trailer for a program, viewers will now be able to book a recording of the show in their DVR by pressing the green button on their remote controls.

With the press of a button, subscribers will be able to book to record movies, individual programs or an entire series – immediately or weeks in advance. The new feature can also be used during an ad break to allow viewers to receive more details about a specific advertisement by expressing interest with the same button press.

NDS said it has also provided Foxtel with the XTVopen infrastructure, an extended version of NDS’ XTV DVR technology that gives operators the flexibility to launch applications that directly access DVR functionality.

iSuggest is the first Foxtel application that is based on the XTV open infrastructure. As a visual recommendation service, iSuggest presents TV show and movie posters in the subscriber’s personalized viewing gallery, making it easy for viewers to browse, select and record programs directly into their planner.

“The launch of these solutions in Asia has been made possible thanks to NDS’ experience in advanced DVR solutions combined with its systems integration expertise,” said Peter Smart, Foxtel’s director of engineering. “Foxtel continually invests and innovates for the benefit of our subscribers, enhancing their TV viewing experience.”

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