Cablevision Systems’ DVR subscribers have been able to use their PCs to access a Cablevision Web portal to program their DVRs; now they can do the same using any mobile device with Internet access.

Cablevision’s mobile version of remote DVR scheduling is available through the company’s mobile site. This application gives customers who subscribe to both DVR for iO TV and Optimum Online the ability to manage their home DVRs from any mobile device with Internet browsing capabilities – over any network.

“This enhancement is a valuable extension of the remote DVR scheduling and management feature available through, extending this added convenience to iPhones, Blackberry smartphones and other Web-enabled mobile devices,” said John Trierweiler, Cablevision’s senior vice president of product management. “Now it is possible to easily schedule recordings and manage previously stored DVR content from anywhere, on any Web-enabled device, so being away from home doesn’t mean missing that favorite show or event.”

Cablevision said 94 percent of its nearly 2.9 million iO TV customers are iO TV digital cable customers.

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