Bresnan Communications has deployed OpenTV’s EclipsePlus advertising campaign management system, which the vendor said demonstrates that its solution not only scales up, but also down.

“This new deployment shows how EclipsePlus is scalable enough to work with smaller DMAs,” said Paul Woidke, OpenTV’s senior vice president and general manager for advanced advertising. “Not only does the solution serve larger-scale operations, but it can also be right-sized for operators seeking to develop and grow their advertising operations. We’re delighted to work with Bresnan on this solution and look forward to building a strong relationship for the future.”

That Bresnan would be using the OpenTV system was first revealed two weeks ago.

EclipsePlus is a system designed to help cable, satellite and telco advertising sales teams grow their revenues and meet the challenges of the ever-changing television advertising marketplace by maximizing yield on their advertising inventories while minimizing their operating costs.

“We are pleased to have added EclipsePlus live in our operating centers and ready to streamline our ad sales teams’ processes for improved efficiency across the board,” said Kelly Enright, regional vice president of advertising services for Bresnan.

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