Trilithic has debuted four new products: a spectrum analyzer designed specifically for use in HFC plants, an MPEG analyzer, a remote signal analyzer and a return sweep analyzer.

Though designed for headend applications, the company said its new 3 GHz 8853Q Spectrum Analyzer is versatile enough to be used for analysis, testing and troubleshooting anywhere in the cable network.

Trilithic's Model ThreeThe 8853Q comes with Q-Lab software, which can be used to customize channel and test plans, as well as to save and download test results and screenshots for report generation or further analysis.

Digital signal quality tests include QAM, MER, pre- and post-FEC BER, equalizer tap graph, in-channel frequency response and group delay.

For test regiments that are repeated frequently or on a schedule (e.g., FCC proofs), an automated test capability enables the user to program test sequences to be performed on-demand or according to schedule; the analyzer provides a detailed report of the results.

Trilithic’s PC-based FaultLine MPEG Analysis solution monitors QoE and QoS metrics in real time, helping network operators identify problems with compressed video streams in cable, satellite and other video delivery networks.

Users can set alert and notification options. If triggered, the software sends an e-mail or text message whenever there’s a service disruption that meets the set criteria.

Metrics covered include QoE, QoS, zap time, jitter, latency and packet loss. FaultLine supports MPEG-1, MPEG-2, H.264 and MPEG-4 Part 2 video formats, and it can handle simultaneous analysis of up to 1,024 video streams over 1 GB Ethernet with a capacity of up to 200 channels of multicast traffic and set-up box emulation and analysis.

Meanwhile, Trilithic’s 860 DSPr ?Remote Signal Analyzer is designed to provide continuous access to signal analysis at remote hubs or headends. The analyzer can be connected to up to four different test points that need to be accessed via browser for analysis or routinely tested.

Reporting for remote locations’ signal quality can also be automated with the 860 DSPr. Using WorkBench ?Software, techs can create automated macros to run a set of tests on the analyzer and create a log of system levels and other parameters.

PC-based FaultLine MPEG AnalysisAnd the 8310 RSA Return Sweep Analyzer has been added to the company’s SpeedSweep System. The system includes the 8300 FST, which generates a sweep stimulus for the downstream measurement; an 860 DSPi field analyzer with a sweep option FS-1, which receives the forward sweep and with SR-1 option transmits reverse sweep signals for upstream measurements; and the 8310 RSA, which continuously monitors the return path spectrum for sweep signals from 860 DSPi units in the field and relays the measurement results back to the 860 DSPi.

Trilithic has also beefed up its Model Three signal level meter by adding dual-mode capabilities.

By using Trilithic’s ToolBox companion software, a supervisor can now configure their technician’s Model Three by selecting the “locked” or “unlocked” mode to customize testing in the field. In the locked mode, a technician will have four predefined install tests to select from: level, tilt, scan and ingress. After completing the selected test, a pass/fail indication is displayed, and a record of the test is filed with the result and the test parameters that were preconfigured in ToolBox.

In the unlocked mode, a technician will have the option of selecting from install mode or service mode while the meter is booting. By selecting service mode, the technician will have access to the full range of testing capabilities.

“In our continuing effort to listen to our customers’ needs, Trilithic is pleased to introduce the dual operating modes in the Model Three,” said Terry Bush, president of Trilithic. “This new feature streamlines testing and consistency while improving efficiencies in the field.”

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