IneoQuest Technologies has announced a new monitoring and service assurance tool that was designed to help MSOs provide high-quality VOD services.

Cable operators benefit from IneoQuest’s end-to-end, vendor-agnostic tool, which is called IQDialogue MSO VOD, by being able to consistently collect, monitor and analyze delivery data across multiple systems in order to locate and troubleshoot the exact cause of service issues associated with ordering, streaming and viewing VOD programs.

Inequest's IQDialogue MSO VOD

IQDialogue MSO VOD probes at critical network points to aid cable operators in monitoring, analyzing and logging data across multiple traffic flows, from the servers to set-top boxes, to locate the exact cause of a failure along the network, receive event notifications immediately and conduct true end-to-end fault correlation. With this ability, MSOs can prevent future system failures, and when they happen, MSOs can reduce the time and operational expenses of multiple truck rolls and indiscriminate troubleshooting, both of which can result in subscriber churn and refunds.

Additionally, IQDialogue MSO VOD can be complemented by the IneoQuest iDMS management system for a consolidated, operator-customized visualization of multiple MSO VOD probes deployed throughout a network.

IQDialogue MSO VOD supports:

  • Real-time VOD capacity dashboards on a per-service-group basis
  • Inbound and outbound OOB/Aloha network traffic monitoring
  • Transaction protocols defined by ISA and NGOD
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