IBBS has come to the Cable-Tec Expo in Denver this week with new offerings for bandwidth and network management.

IBBS has debuted version 4.7 of its Broadband Explorer (BBX) diagnostics and provisioning software, including a bandwidth management solution supporting net neutrality.

BBX 4.7 builds on BBX 4.6, which introduced Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) management, rule-based policy exception notifications, Bandwidth Xcelerator “power burst” technology and usage billing data.

BBX 4.7 features “Fair Use” bandwidth management, which allows ops to manage high-bandwidth users without penalizing the entire subscriber base; forced redirect, which enables operators to interact with subs by redirecting them to a captive user portal; and birth certificates, which let ops capture the baseline threshold levels of installed devices, creating enforceable QoS levels and greater accountability.

The company has also introduced its IBBS Network Services offering, which it said enables operators to overcome prevalent, costly network management challenges.

Using cloud-computing technology, IBBS Network Services improves broadband network performance and availability and lowers event recovery time.

“With competition for subscribers at an all-time high, broadband operators worldwide face the daunting challenge of how to optimize their respective networks and avoid any downtime to ensure the highest possible customer experience,” said IBBS vice president of product management Doug Johnson. “IBBS Network Services is an immediate, long-term remedy to the issues related to network optimization and the related subscriber churn.”

IBBS Network Services features real-time dashboards to view real-time data; boasts alarms and in-depth reporting, which allows ops to shorten the mean time to repair (MTTR); and is a scalable, flexible, extensible and agnostic platform.

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