Cisco has introduced Carrier-Grade IP Version 6 (IPv6) for its edge and core routers.

There’s an ongoing transition from the original IPv4 protocol to IPv6, which among other things provides for a vastly increased pool of IP addresses. By some estimates, IPv4 address space could be depleted by as early as 2011.

Cisco is adding IPv6 support to its CRS-1 Carrier Routing System for the network core and to the Aggregation Services Routers (ASRs) for the network edge. These additions bridge to a full IPv6 next-generation network, while extending the life of existing IPv4 addresses to smoothly manage that migration, the company said.

“The Internet is at the tipping point of its industrialization, where we have an exponential increase in the number of connected devices,” said Kelly Ahuja, senior vice president and general manager of the Service Provider Routing Technology Group at Cisco. “With these new IPv6 capabilities to complement our industry-leading IPv6-capable portfolio, we are able to help service providers address their immediate challenges as they preserve and prepare their networks for long-term success, prosperity and business growth.”

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