Broadcom has introduced a new system-on-a-chip (SoC) for set-top boxes that will aid cable service providers in the rollout of whole-home media distribution, as well as take advantage of advanced 3-D graphic interfaces.

Broadcom said the new Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA)-integrated BCM7125 and BCM7119 single-chip, multi-format HD DOCSIS 2.0-compatible offerings usher in the next evolution of the connected home with advanced functionality and services such as multi-room HD DVR capabilities.

In addition to MoCA 1.1 and tru2way CableCard support, other features include dual-integrated 1 GHz cable tuners and DOCSIS 2.0-compatible modems. Broadcom said its latest cable set-top box technology also significantly reduces the power and overall system cost, while enabling advanced services such as HDTV.

The key BCM7125 and BCM7119 features include:

  • Flexible software support for new, compelling subscriber applications that use Native UI, OCAP, Adobe Flash Platform for the Digital Home, Digital Living Network Alliance and DTCP-IP security.
  • The BCM7125 cable set-top box SoC includes the same functionality as the BCM7119 but adds an integrated MoCA 1.1 interface that enables service providers to offer innovative whole-home digital media distribution services over coax, which in turn enables subscribers to securely access, store and share a wide array of digital media content, including HDTV programs, VOD, DVR recordings, Internet content, video, music, photos and VoIP.

In addition, both the BCM7125 and BCM7119 cable offerings support DLNA, which facilitates the sharing of digital content between DLNA-enabled devices throughout the home.

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