BigBand Networks today announced an enhancement to the company’s switched video analysis (SVA) offering, which will give cable operators more insight into their switched digital video deployments.

The new SVA also works with BigBand’s video control plane platform, Converged Video Exchange (CVEx), which was recently introduced.

The new SVA, which is a software upgrade for BigBand’s SDV platform, offers cable operators the ability to optimize SDV assets and HFC spectrum and to maximize programming availability.

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BigBand said cable operators can use the SVA software to track success rates for tune-in requests on SDV channels, to plan service group or node splits, and to optimize SDV channel lineups in order to maximize the number of programs that can be carried in the spectrum without blocking events.

“We continue to see tremendous growth for switched digital video. Its benefits to operators extend far beyond bandwidth reclamation,“ said John Holobinko, vice president of marketing for BigBand. “SDV as a platform can assist operators in providing a myriad of special programming and in acting as an engine for lower-cost delivery of valuable applications. SVA provides insight into the behavior of the entire HFC network, which was difficult or impossible to obtain without SDV. We continue to find innovative ways to help operators enhance the delivery path and leverage additional value from their networks.”

Time Warner Cable first deployed BigBand’s SDV platform in Austin, Texas, in 2004. In September, Time Warner Cable added BigBand’s SDV in its New York City, Dallas and Los Angeles footprints.

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