Biap has changed its name to FourthWall Media. There will be no change in the company's business focus, operations or ownership. The company specializes in EBIF-based interactive television and advanced advertising applications.

The name refers to the “fourth wall,” the metaphorical barrier between actors and their audience.

"The era of talking at viewers is rapidly evolving into the era of talking with viewers," explained Ellen Dudar, chief product officer for FourthWall Media. "Programmers and advertisers must break through the 'fourth wall' and strike up conversations with their audiences. FourthWall Media provides the advertising, programming and technology engine of this rapidly evolving ecosystem to deliver creative solutions for audience engagement and measurement."

FourthWall Media also said that the company has recently been awarded a new patent for a method of customizing interactive television. The solution enables consumers to set personal preferences for the information an application displays onscreen, and it has been in use in a variety of applications from FourthWall Media since 2003.

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