Alloptic has announced the availability of its new MicroNode RFoG optical networking units, as well as a new line of ultra-high-performance return path receivers.

The new MicroNode RFoG 1000 series optical networking unit enhancements include remote monitoring and control capabilities. With the new ONUs, Alloptic said service providers have the ability to cost-effectively monitor ONU operating parameters, as well as remotely enable and disable service. With this control, service connects and disconnects are achieved without a service dispatch or truck roll, significantly decreasing operational costs and decreasing theft-of-service losses.

And the EVRRL410 series of return path receivers allows service providers DOCSIS 3.0 performance with the widest dynamic range in which to operate a high-capacity QAM return path using a standard, non-proprietary RFoG architecture, according to Alloptic.

The new line provides 7 dB noise performance improvement compared with typical analog return receivers and almost 3 dB improvement over other Alloptic receivers. The low noise performance translates into the ability to carry, with 15 dB of margin, four bonded 64-QAM channels in a DOCSIS 3.0 return path over an SCTE-standard, non-proprietary RFoG architecture operating with a 29 dB optical budget.

“We are committed to using standards-based solutions to resolve application issues,” said Shane Eleniak, executive vice president of marking and business development at Alloptic. “The new ultra-low-noise return path receivers provide significant margin, allowing greater than 20 km optical reach and more splits per PON, simplifying the successful deployment of DOCSIS 3.0.”

Alloptic's EVRRL410

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